President Barack Obama’s Visit To India Makes Sensation

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Sunday, November 7, 2010

MUMBAI, INDIA ( Prior to the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama in New Delhi, the capital of India is being transformed into a fortress as the government does not want to take any chances with security. However, this may make commuting a nightmare for the residents of the capital on Monday, as it is being expected. There will be no roadblocks for the convoy of the U.S. president, it has been declared. The president who reached Mumbai yesterday will land in New Delhi airport and thereafter he will be taken to Chanakyapuri’s ITC Maurya Sheraton hotel. The president will be given the topmost level security and both sides of the roads his convoy will ply on will be cordoned off under tight security.

It has been declared that U.S. president Barack Obama will pay a visit to Rajghat to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi whom he holds in high esteem. This is surely going to take a toll on the traffic. The cops have said that regular traffic near India Gate and the adjacent roads will be affected by his visit and the commuters have been advised to avoid them as much as possible. Sardar Patel Marg may also become congested, feel the cops. The commuters will have to bear with the huge congestion that is likely to take place on Monday.

The President of USA Barack Obama who is now in his trip to India will leave the country on Tuesday and he has a jam packed schedule. The commuters would not be affected much on Tuesday as the president is slated to leave the capital in the morning.

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