President Barack Obama’s India Trip Ends

By Swatilekha Paul, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NEW DELHI, INDIA ( The much anticipated India trip of United States President Barack Obama reached its climax on Tuesday morning when the American commander-in-chief bid adieu to his first destination in his ten-day Asia trip and flew to Indonesia. At around 9 in the morning, the United States President, his wife first Lady Michelle Obama as well as a host of other top U.S. officials left for the next stop, Indonesia after spending three-day in India.

The dignitaries who were present at the Indira Gandhi Airport to see off President Barack Obama included Meera Shankar, the Indian Ambassador to the United States, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao as well as Salman Khurshid, Union Minority Affairs Minister, who was also the minister-in-waiting for the President of the United States. During his three-day trip to India, President Barack Obama delivered almost everything that the nation had hoped for as throughout his visit, he reiterated the growing importance of the country as a global power. However, one of the high points of President Barack Obama’s trip to India was his address to the Indian parliament on Monday evening where he backed India’s bid to get permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council.

President Barack Obama commenced his trip to India on Saturday when he arrived in the commercial capital of the country where he stayed at the iconic Taj Hotel, after paying tribute to the victims of the 26/11 attacks. After a day filled with activities, the United States President flew to the national capital where he spent two days before flying off to Indonesia on his ten-day Asia trip.

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