Unemployment: A Major Concern For U.S

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Monday, September 6, 2010

WASHINGTON (GaeaTimes.com)- On the wake of the present depressing unemployment scenario of United States, President Barack Obama on Monday is scheduled to announce a six-year plan to revamp the roads, runways and railways of United States. The federal government reportedly aims to spend around $50 billion in the projects around the country which will surely create job opportunities and help the present unemployment scenario to a large extent. The announcement will be reportedly made during his speech in the Milwaukee Labor rally.

Few will disagree with the fact that unemployment is one of the raging problems of United States that has been plaguing the nation since the 2008 recession. Each and every month the Labor Department’s reports on the situation of unemployment is one of the few things that people look forward to in expectation of new job areas and financial growth. While the Labor Department’s data for the month of August shows a 0.1 percent rise in unemployment from the month of July, (9.5 to 9.6), the Federal Government is trying hard to create some job opportunities in the country.

The $50 billion investments in different road and railway projects is one of the few that the Democratic Government is introducing to lead to the nation’s economic growth. While the Republicans have criticized the government for their failure in creating job opportunities and improving the present unemployment scenario, the Democrats have held that they have been able to stabilize the economic condition and lead it to growth, although it was slow. On Friday, President Barack Obama said that the “economy is moving in a positive direction, jobs are being created, they’re just not being created as fast as they need to.”

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