Haiti Elections 2010 Claimed As Fraud

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Monday, November 29, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE (GaeaTimes.com)- Much anticipated election of 2010 at Haiti ended on Sunday but within the hours of its successful ending, the candidates demanded a re-election calling it to a “massive fraud”. The candidates claimed that President Rene Preval tried his best to steal the election and choose his best candidate Jude Celestin for the post. Pierre Opont, the director of Haiti’s main electoral body, however, told a reputed media source that the election was successfully concluded.

However, Pierre Opont also said that out of 1,500 centers, 56 of them reported incidents in which one person even died. On the other hand, hours before the announcement of successful completion of Haiti Elections two-thirds of the candidates denounced the vote and at the same time called for a re-election owing to the ballot-box stuffing and irregularities in the election. Mirlande Manigat, the lead candidate of the Haiti Elections 2010 has asked the Conseil Electoral Provisoire, citizens of the country, the government and also the international community to cancel the elections. At the same time, Wimine St. Pierre, the spokesperson of Mirlande Manigat has told in a press conference that the leading candidate is asking to void the election across the country as the votes were already given to Jude Celestin.

The candidates of Haiti Elections have said that they would again discuss about Haiti Elections 2010 on Monday. The candidates have released a statement together where it was stated that all the candidates of Haiti Elections have asked everyone to “mobilize” for a peaceful re election. Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council President Gaillot Dorsainvil said that CEP is comfortable with the vote. However, Vicenzo Pugliese, a spokesman for the United Nation mission said that there is a high level of discussion is going on among the partners presently and the results will be known afterwards.

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