Meg Whitman Enters Governor Race

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CALIFORNIA ( The GOP voters in California have sent Meg Whitman, the politically novish billionaire businesswoman to battle with Jerry Brown, attorney general for the race to the post of governor. It has been reported that the former CEO of eBay has spent over $71 million to get the nomination of the Republican party. She was selected over Steve Poizner, the state Insurance Commissioner. Meg Whitman led with 63 percent vote while Steve Poizner trailed behind with only 27%. Even though the lady is a newbie in politics she makes it up with her confidence. She said in a statement that she will prove to be a tough contender for Jerry Brown.

Jerry Brown has worked as governor and his father was a governor too. He did not have to face much hurdles in the Democratic primary. Meg Whitman faces the task of coping with the problems plaguing the state like abortion and immigration. She promised to cut down on state spending. Steve Poizner gave Meg Whitman some hiccups as he started running TV ads criticizing his opponent. His attacks did make Meg Whitman a bit unsettled but she bounced back with negative ads depicting Steve Poizner as an inconsistent candidate.

Jerry Brown is also doing his bit to woo the voters. They are all eying the chair of the incumbent governor of the state Arnold Schwarzenegger whose term ends on January. Now it is going to be a duel between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown. Jerry Brown promised in his speech that he will stress on employment in the state.


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