Jerry Brown And Meg Whitman Clash In First Debate

Meg Whitman Denies Accusations Of Employing An Illegeal Immigrant Knowingly

Meg Whitman Accused of Employing Illegal Immigrant

With match-ups set, Democrats, Republicans launch general election campaigns with attacks

The White House

Meg Whitman Enters Governor Race

Republican businesswomen win nominations in Calif.; Sen. Lincoln claims renomination in Ark.

California Republicans tap women to lead ticket

California Election Results Declared

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA ( The California election results were declared on Tuesday, June 9, 2010. The elections had been the primary elections, for the tickets to the Senate seat and the post of the Governor. This time, the results were very much predictable, just as it was being expected. The Democrats suffered a major loss, as usual, repeating a trend that has been noticed in almost every other election in the country for quite some time now. However, some of the aspects in the elections were different; for the first time, the Republicans sent up two women for the Senatorial race and the race for the post of the Governor.

Sen. Lincoln leads in battle for survival in Arkansas; GOP Rep. Bob Inglis in SC runoff

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