IED beams Added to U.S. Joint Forces ‘will change the face of this war’

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Friday, September 24, 2010

NEW YORK ( — Many suffered a painful death due to IED blasts.

IEDs happen to be an insurgent weapon that is responsible for the dreadful fate and maiming of thousands of U.S. servicemembers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The latest technology that has been developed will probably save the lives of many from these IEDs. Reportedly, the new technology uses a high-tech beam to detonate hidden IEDs.

Marine Gen. James Mattis, head of the U.S. Joint Forces Command happens to be a devoted man if his services toward the nation are to be counted. He looks to give war a new face and altogether change the pre-existent notions. According to him,

This is an offensive capability that will change the face of this war.

According to Paul Gido, an official at the Office of Naval Research, the technology has been in use due 2005-2008 in Iraq and have been improvised through and through. He also unveiled the fact that the device is too heavy and needs a tractor to bear its weight.

When asked all the experts in the field unanimously agreed on the fact that technology should no longer be used to make way for more devastative weapons but to design new ways to counter them.

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