BREAKING NEWS: President Obama’s Surprise Visit to Afghanistan
AFGHANISTAN ( -- Reportedly, Mr.

WASHINGTON - Gen. James Jones, the gruff-talking military man President Barack Obama drafted as his national security adviser, announced Friday he was quitting after a tenure marked by ambitious foreign policy changes and undercurrents of corrosive turf battles.

WASHINGTON - Heavy U.S. reliance on private security in Afghanistan has helped to line the pockets of the Taliban and threatens the safety of coalition troops because contractors often don't vet local recruits and wind up hiring warlords and thugs, Senate investigators said Thursday.

MARJAH, Afghanistan - The young Marine had a simple question for the farmer with the white beard: Have you seen any Taliban today? The answer came within seconds - from insurgents hiding nearby who ended the conversation with bursts of automatic rifle fire that sent deadly rounds cracking overhead.

OSLO, Norway - Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo tops speculation for the Nobel Peace Prize - one betting site has already declared him the winner - though some experts expect a more low-key choice on Friday.
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