Texas ed board set for 1st vote since primary made lame ducks of some social conservatives

By April Castro, AP
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Texas ed board set to take 1st vote since primary

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas’ state education board is set to take a vote on a new social studies curriculum that could reverberate in classrooms nationwide.

A three-day meeting beginning Wednesday is the first since primary elections that could push the panel’s far-right leanings toward the center. Terms of conservatives who are leaving expire in January.

The board’s decisions affect the textbook content around the country because Texas is one of publishers’ biggest clients.

The 15-member board is expected this week to finish debating social studies, history and economics curriculum before taking a preliminary vote. Debate could flare over such issues as the Founding Fathers’ religious beliefs and border security.

The final vote is expected in May.

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