A complete list of winners in 76th annual National Headliner Awards

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winners of 76th annual National Headliner Awards

Winners of the 76th annual National Headliner Awards, sponsored by The Press Club of Atlantic City, N.J., by category, followed by second- and third-place finishers:


Daily Newspapers

Writing and Reporting

Spot news, First Place and Grand Award winner-news division: New York Daily News, “Miracle on the Hudson”; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Stanton Heights Shooting”; Austin (Texas) American-Statesman, “The Fort Hood Shootings.”

News beat coverage or continuing coverage: The Miami Herald, Jack Dolan, Matthew Haggman and Ronnie Greene, “Miami-Dade County Perks”; The Associated Press, Lynn Elber, Thomas Watkins and Justin Pritchard, “Michael Jackson investigation”; The Boston Globe, Maria Sacchetti, “Immigration reporting.”

News series, circulation up to 75,000: The Wichita (Kan.) Eagle, Roy Wenzl, “The Miracle of Father Kapaun”; Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat, George Pawlaczyk and Beth Hundsdorfer, “Trapped in Tamms”; Great Falls (Mont.) Tribune, Amie Thompson, “Lethal Legacy.”

News series, circulation over 75,000: Asbury Park (N.J.) Press, Neptune, N.J., “Fighting New Jersey’s Tax Crush”; The (Memphis, Tenn.) Commercial Appeal, Marc Perrusquia, Kristina Goetz and Zack McMillin; Stars and Stripes, Nancy Montgomery, “Coming Home: The Men of Triple Deuce.”

Local interest column on a variety of subjects: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jim Stingl; The Philadelphia Inquirer, Annette John-Hall; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Daniel Bice, “No Quarter.”

Special or feature column on one subject: The (Portland, Ore.) Oregonian, David Sarasohn, “In a Hungry Time”; The Dallas Morning News, Leslie Brenner, restaurant reviews; The Philadelphia Inquirer, Inga Saffron, “Changing Skyline.”

Editorial writing: Detroit Free Press, Barb Arrigo and editorial board, “The Budget Tightrope”; The (Glens Falls, N.Y.) Post-Star, Mark C. Mahoney, “Fighting Government Spending”; The (Portland, Ore.) Oregonian, Rick Attig and Doug Bates, “Oregon’s Sacrifice Zone.”

Sports column: The (Portland, Ore.) Oregonian, John Canzano; The Kansas City (Mo.) Star, Jason Whitlock; The Associated Press, Jim Litke.

Sports writing: Detroit Free Press, Michael Rosenberg, Mark Snyder, Shawn Windsor and Jim Schaefer, “University of Michigan violates NCAA football practice rules”; The Associated Press, Ben Walker; The Kansas City (Mo.) Star, Kent Babb.

Feature writing on a variety of subjects: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Todd C. Frankel; The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, Elizabeth Leland; The Wall Street Journal, Michael M. Phillips, “Broken Homes.”

Business news coverage: Bloomberg News, Mark Pittman, Bob Ivry, Christine Harper and Alison Fitzgerald, “Lehman’s Lessons”; The Miami Herald, Michael Sallah, Rob Barry and Lucy Komisar, articles on Allen Stanford; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, John Schmid and Ben Poston, “Patents Pending.”

Education Writing: Chicago Tribune, Jodi S. Cohen, Stacy St. Clair and Tara Malone, “Clout Goes to College”; The Baltimore Sun, Sara Neufeld; The Associated Press, coverage of black colleges.

Health/medical/science writing: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, John Fauber, Meg Kissinger and Suzanne Rust, “Side Effects”; The Denver Post, Jennifer Brown; The Associated Press, “When Drugs Stop Working.”

Environmental reporting: Newsday, Melville, N.Y., Thomas Maier and John Paraskevas, “Fallout: The Legacy of Brookhaven Lab in the Pacific”; The Boston Globe, Beth Daley; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Michael Scott.

Investigative reporting: The Washington Post, Debbie Cenziper and Meg Smith, “Wasting Away”; The (Raleigh, N.C.) News & Observer, J. Andrew Curliss and staff, “Executive Privilege”; St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Thomas C. Tobin and Joe Childs, “Inside Scientology: A Times’ Special Report.”

Public service: Stars and Stripes, “Forcing Change”; The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Justice: Delayed, Dismissed, Denied”; (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) Sun-Sentinel, Paula McMahon, articles on Anthony Caravella.

Editorial cartoons: Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, Mike Peters; Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel, Dana J. Summers; The San Diego Union-Tribune, Stephen P. Breen.

Journalistic innovation: The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, “Help Wanted”; Las Vegas Sun, “Bottoming Out: Gambling Addiction in Las Vegas”; The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Justice: Delayed, Dismissed, Denied.”


Writing and Reporting

Coverage of a major news event: ProPublica, Sheri Fink, Stephen Engelberg, Ilena Silverman and Susan White, “The Deadly Choices at Memorial”; Bloomberg News, Gary Cohn and Darrell Preston, “AARP’s Stealth Fees”; Playboy, Shashank Bengali, “Pirates of Somalia.”

Feature writing on a variety of subjects: SmartMoney, Anne Kadet, “Credit Bureau”; The Boston Globe, Neil Swidey; Time Magazine, Nancy Gibbs, “Saving Parents.”

Column: National Journal, Jonathan Rauch; SmartMoney, Anne Kadet; Time Magazine, Joe Klein.

Photography and Graphics

Newspapers/spot news, First Place and Grand Award winner-photography division: New York Daily News, Bruno Bourachdene, “Hero of Hudson”; The Kansas City (Mo.) Star, John Sleezer, “Mohler Family”; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Marvin Fong, “Accused Nazi Guard Deported.”

Newspapers/features: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Kristyna Wentz-Graff, “Ballet Gets Gift”; The Boston Globe, Suzanne Kreiter, “Jimmy Fund”; The (Nashville) Tennessean, Dipti Vaidya, “Upside Down and Under Water.”

Newspapers/sports: The Boston Globe, Barry Chin; The Boston Globe, Jim Davis; The Kansas City (Mo.) Star, David Eulitt.

Magazines, News Services, Syndicates/spot news: The Associated Press, Nasser Shiyouki, “Funeral Pictures”; The Associated Press, Steven Day, “Miracle on the Hudson”; The Associated Press, Khalil Hamra, “Bloodbath.”

Magazines, News Services, Syndicates/features: The Associated Press, Muhammed Muheisen, “Scary Play”; Reuters News Agency, Larry Downing, “War Widow”; The Associated Press, Altaf Qadri, “Night Vendor.”

Magazines, News Services, Syndicates/sports: The Associated Press, Daniel Ochoa de Olza, “Gored”; The Associated Press, Mark J. Terrill, “A Little Inside”; Sports Illustrated, Damian Strohmeyer, “Caught Pink-handed.”

Photography portfolio: The Associated Press, Kevin Frayer; The Associated Press, Emilio Morenatti; Time Magazine, Callie Shell, “Obama’s First 100 Days in Office.”

Photo essay/story: Austin (Texas) American-Statesman, Ralph Barrera, “America: A Young Girl’s Fight”; St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Robert Cohen, “Motel Manor”; The Associated Press, Julie Jacobson, “Addicted.”

Portrait: The Boston Globe, Yoon S. Byun, “Somerville, Mass., Police Officer”; The Kansas City (Mo.) Star, Keith Myers, “Guatemalan Woman”; The Associated Press, Adel Hana, “Palestinian Bride.”

Newspapers/magazines: informational graphics: National Journal, Ryan Morris; The San Diego Union-Tribune, “Green Governing”; The Dallas Morning News.

Newspapers/magazines, illustrative graphics: The Kansas City (Mo.) Star, Hector Casanova; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Andrea Levy; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Ted Crow.


Radio stations

Newscast: WBAL-AM, Baltimore, Bill Vanko, Scott Wykoff and Robert Lang, “WBAL Morning News: Inauguration Day”; WTOP Radio, Washington, “MetroRail Crash”; no third-place award given.

Breaking news or continuing coverage of a single news event: WTOP Radio, Washington, “MetroRail Crash”; WBAL-AM, Baltimore, John Patti, Scott Wykoff and Anne Kramer, “Dundalk’s Big Break”; WBAL-AM, Baltimore, Robert Lang, Anne Kramer and Scott Wykoff, “Mayor Dixon Indicted and Convicted.”

Feature or human interest story, First Place and Grand Award winner-radio division: WTOP Radio, Washington, Brennan Haselton, “Glass Harp”; WBAL-AM, Baltimore, John Patti, “Cul de Sac Cinema”; WNYC Radio, New York, Kathleen Horan, “Marine LCPL Julian Brennan.”

Documentary or public affairs: Minnesota Public Radio News, Mark Zdechlik, “Minnesota’s Unending Senate Battle”; WBAL-AM, Baltimore, John Patti and Scott Wykoff, “Maryland Voices”; WTOP Radio, Washington, Darci Marchese, “The War That Never Ends.”

News series: WTOP Radio, Washington, J.J. Green, “The Nexus”; WBAL-AM, Baltimore, John Patti, “Joe Palczynski: A Legacy of Pain”; WBAL-AM, Baltimore, Anne Kramer, “Coupon Crazy.”

Radio networks and syndicators

Newscast: CBS Radio News, Nick Young, Peter Maer and Paul Farry, “CBS World News Roundup”; no second-place award given; no third-place award given.

Breaking news or continuing coverage of a single news event: CBS Radio News, Cami McCormick, “Afghanistan”; CBS Radio News, “The Economy”; no third-place award given.

Feature or human interest story: NPR, Guy Raz, Travis Larchuck and Rick Holter, “The Island of Bar Codes”; NPR, Ailsa Chang and Steve Drummond, “Not Enough Money or Time to Defend Detroit’s Poor”; CNN, Dan Szematowicz and Lisa Desjardins, “Young, Black and Unemployed.”

Documentary or public affairs: Linda Paul and Jay Allison, “Jennie’s Secret”; WNYC Radio, New York, Sara Fishko, “The Jazz Loft Project Radio Series”; CBS Radio News, “That’s the Way It Was.”

News series: CBS Radio News, CBS Radio News staff, “Children of the Recession”; MarketWatch Radio Network, Andrew O’Day, Adrienne Mitchell and John Wordock, “The Hunt for Stimulus”; American Public Media, Sharona Coutts and Amy Scott, “Allegations of Enrollment Abuses at University of Phoenix.”

Broadcast or cable television stations

Newscast: KIRO-TV, Seattle, Todd Mokhtari, Tonya Estes and Katie Haynes, “KIRO Eyewitness News at 11″; WCVB-TV, Boston, Andrew Vrees, Chris Roach and Samantha Butkiewicus, “Newscenter 5 at 11 p.m., Aug. 29, 2009″; WBAL-TV, Baltimore, Md., “6 p.m. News: Mayor Sheila Dixon Verdict.”

Coverage of a live breaking news event: KIRO-TV, Seattle, Todd Mokhtari, Tonya Estes and Jake Milstein, “Amanda Knox Verdict”; KIRO-TV, Seattle, Todd Mokhtari, Tonya Estes, Jake Milstein, “Lakewood Officers Shot”; WBAL-TV, Baltimore, “Mayor Shelia Dixon Verdict.”

Continuing coverage of a single news event: WFLD-TV, Chicago, “Derrion Albert Beating”; WFTS-TV, Tampa, Don Germaise and Tim Jones, “Dangerous Bus Stop”; no third-place award given.

Feature, sports or human interest story, First Place and Grand Award winner-television division: WTHR-TV, Indianapolis, Scott Swan and Steve Rhodes, “Sincerely Mr. Stroup”; KARE-TV, Minneapolis, Boyd Huppert and Jonathan Malat, “The Tyler Project”; KXAS-TV, Fort Worth, Texas, Matt Barrie and Noah Bullard, “A Game of Hope.”

Public service: WFTS-TV, Tampa, Rich Pegram, Lissette Campos and Jennifer McVan, “Taking Action Against Domestic Violence”; WYFF-TV, Greenville, S.C., Lee Brown, John Hendon, Carol Goldsmith, Jennifer Mihalic, Justin Antoniotti and Jane Robelot, “Chronicle: Paul’s Gift”; KCET-TV/SoCal Connected, Los Angeles, Bret Marcus, Rick Wilkinson, Saul Gonzalez, Vince Gonzales and Angie Crouch, “Driving Distracted.”

Documentary or series of reports: KMGH-TV, Denver, Tony Kovaleski, Tom Burke, Jason Foster and Arthur Kane, “33 Minutes to 34 Right”; KCET-TV/SoCal Connected, Los Angeles, Bret Marcus, Karen Foshay, John Larson and Val Zavala, “Is Anybody Listening?”; no third-place award given.

Investigative reporting: KHOU-TV, Houston, Mark Greenblatt, David Raziq, Keith Tomshe, Chris Henao and Robyn Hughes, “Under Fire: Discrimination and Corruption in the Texas National Guard”; KHOU-TV, Houston, Jeremy Rogalski, David Raziq and Keith Tomshe, “Solders at Risk: The Iraq Water Investigation”; WFTS-TV, Tampa, Alan M. Cohn, Doug Iten and Randy Wright, “A Tampa Case of Stolen Valor.”

Business & consumer reporting: WCVB-TV, Boston, Jen Berryman, Susan Wornick and Sarah Stolper, “Team 5 Investigates Toyota Tundra Rust”; WFXT-TV, Boston, Mike Beaudet, Jonathan Wells, Kevin Rothstein, Rich Ward, James Goff, Allan DiMaio and Juli McDonald, “Hidden Steroids: A Warning for Young Athletes”; KPIX-TV, San Francisco, Anna Werner, Abigail Sterling and Gerard Watson, “The Mass Marketing of Consumer Scams.”

Health/science reporting: KSTP-TV, St. Paul, Minn., Mark Albert, Jim O’Connell and Mike Maybay, “Conscientious Objector: School Vaccination Investigation”; KCTV-TV, Kansas City, Mo., Ash-Har Quraishi, Chris Koeberl, Ken Ullery and Chris Henao, “Oral Arguments”; WCNC-TV, Charlotte, N.C., Ann Sheridan and Dan Robbins, “Ann’s Story.”

Environmental reporting: WTVF-TV, Nashville, Tenn., Ben Hall and Iain Montgomery, “The Selenium Bill”; KCTV-TV, Kansas City, Mo., Ash-Har Quraishi, Chris Koeberl, Ken Ullery and Chris Henao, “Grazing for Safety”; WFTS-TV, Tampa, Brendan McLaughlin, Randy Wright and Doug Iten, “Cost of Water.”

Broadcast televisision networks, cable networks and syndicators

Best newscast: “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” ”The Inauguration of Barack Obama”; “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” ”Remembering Sen. Ted Kennedy”; “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” ”Miracle on the Hudson.”

Coverage of a major news event: “Dateline NBC,” David Corvo, Liz Cole and Benita Alexander-Noel, “This Moment, This Time: Voices”; “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” ”The Crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 to Buffalo”; NBC News, “Today,” ”Death of Sen. Ted Kennedy.”

Continuing coverage of a major news event: CNN, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and David Doss, “Anderson Cooper 360: Inside the Battle Zone: Afghanistan”; “Dateline NBC,” Ann Curry, Tim Sandler and David Corvo, “To Save the Children”; “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” ”Brian Williams Reporting from Afghanistan.”

Feature, sports or human interest story: ESPN, Wright Thompson and Martin Khodabakhshian, “E60: Catfish Hunter”; NBC News, “Today,” Bob Dotson and Amanda Marshall, “American Story with Bob Dotson: Lost Graves”; “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” ”China’s Lost Children.”

Documentary or series of reports: CNBC, David Faber, James Jacoby and Jill Landes, “House of Cards”; CNN, Dan Rivers, Kocha Orlan, Mike McCarthy and Sheri England, “World’s Untold Stories: Killing Fields: Long Road to Justice”; “PBS Newshour,” Pulitzer Center and The Bureau for International Reporting, Kira Kay, Jason Maloney and Jon Sawyer, “The Fragile States Series.”

Investigative reporting: CNN, Abbie Boudreau, Scott Zamost and Jessi Joseph, “Your Government at Work: Post Office Mansion”; CNN, Gary Tuchman, Katherine Wojtecki, Kevin Myers, Derek Davis and Alana Duglas, “Anderson Cooper 360: Texas Highway Robbery?”; CNN, Allan Chernoff, Laura Dolan, Janelle Rodriguez and James Kraft, “American Morning: Gulfstream Air Investigation.”

News magazine program: “Dateline NBC,” Ann Curry, Richard Greenberg and Ali Arouzi, “Inside Iran”; “Dateline NBC,” David Corvo, Meredith Vieira and Benita Alexander-Noel, “Fighting for Sean”; “NOW on PBS,” Na Eng, John Siceloff and Judith Wolff, “Gambling with Health Care.”

Business & consumer reporting: CNN, Drew Griffin, Kathleen Johnston, Scott Matthews, Todd Schwarzschild and Marcus Hooper, “The Border”; CNN, Michael Kane, Ali Velshi and Christine Romans, “How the Wheels Came Off: The Rise and Fall of the American Auto Industry”; “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” ”AIG Bailout Explained.”

Health/science reporting: CNN, Drew Griffin, Kathleen Johnston, Scott Matthews, Todd Schwarzschild and Marcus Hooper, “The Wheelchair”; NBC News, “Today,” John O’Rourke and Peter Alexander, “My Sister’s Story”; CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Roni Selig, Tim Langmaid, Caleb Hellerman and David Martin, “Another Day Cheating Death.”

Environmental reporting: “NOW on PBS,” Amy Bucher, John Siceloff and Ty West, “Water World”; “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” ”Perfect Storm: Climate Change and Conflict”; “NOW on PBS,” Na Eng, John Siceloff and David Kreger, “Power Struggle: Clean Energy and the Grid.”


Radio affiliated online journalism: WBAL-AM, Baltimore, Mark Miller, Scott Wykoff and Robert Lang, WBAL.com; FoxNewsRadio.com, Chad Pergram, “The Speaker’s Lobby: Covering Congress in 2009″; Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ.org, Justin Kaufmann, Andrew Gill and Carrie Shepherd, “State of Your State.”

Television affiliated online journalism: CNBC, Meredith Stark, Allen Wastler and Viktor Cea, CNBC.com; CNN, CNN.com; WFTS-TV, Tampa, ABCActionNews.com.

Newspaper affiliated online journalism: Las Vegas Sun, LasVegasSun.com; The (Maryville, Tenn.) Daily Times, Mark Boxley, “Lives Wasted”; The (Nashville) Tennessean, Tennessean.com.

Magazine affiliated online journalism: Time Inc., Time.com; Time Inc., CNNMoney.com; Sports Illustrated, Andy Staples, “The State of Recruiting.”


Online videography: The Boston Globe, Ann Silvio, Scott LaPierre and Bill Greene, “Ted Kennedy: A Life in Politics”; Detroit Free Press, “Motown at 50″; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Bill Gugliotta, “Help Wanted: When Layoffs Hit Home.”

Online slideshow: CNNMoney.com, “Assignment Detroit”; CNBC, Meredith Stark, Paul Toscano and Fred LaSenna, CNBC.com; St. Louis Post Dispatch, Robert Cohen, “Motel Manor” and “St. Louis WWII Veterans.”

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