Arabs give US another month to resolve impasse over Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

US gets another month to revive Mideast talks

Arab ministers back Palestinian decision to stop talks with Israel over settlement issue

Arabs back Palestinian decision to stop talks

Obama announces resignation of national security adviser James Jones; Donilon to replace him

Jones resigns as NSC chief, Donilon next director

Kurdish negotiator says deal is close on pact to keep PM al-Maliki as Iraq leader

Kurd: Deal closer on settling Iraq political limbo

Diplomats: some Arabs want Abbas to return to indirect talks to avoid collapse of peace talks

Diplomats: Arabs want return to indirect talks

German foreign minister urges Iran to show full transparency regarding its nuclear program

Germany: Iran has to come clean on nuclear program

Turkey: imprisoned leader of Kurdish rebels seen as factor in any end to a long conflict

Turkey’s Kurds: a peace role for rebel chief?

US presses Arab nations to back Israeli-Palestinian peace talks despite settlement dispute

US seeks Arab support on Mideast peace talks

Obama to Maryland Democrats: ‘I’m going to need you just as fired us as you were in 2008′

Obama tries to fire up Maryland Democrats

BOWIE, Md. — President Barack Obama on Thursday implored young voters to embrace his urgency about the upcoming congressional elections, saying the entire agenda of change he campaigned for in 2008 is at stake even without his name on the ballot.

Israelis, Palestinians signal compromise is close in settlement dispute

Israelis, Palestinians signal deal on settlements

Gunmen attack patrol in Iran’s Kurdish area, killing 4 policemen and bystander

Gunmen kill 4 police in Iran’s Kurdish area

Southern Sudan could hold secession vote on its own if north doesn’t cooperate, officials warn

S.Sudan could snub north, hold own freedom vote

UN Security Council greeted by anti-American protesters in visit to Sudan

UN Sec. Council greeted by anti-US chants in Sudan

Palestinians open to US proposal on West Bank settlements, but want deal on borders

Palestinians open to US proposal on settlements

Israeli Cabinet to vote on bill that requires non-Jews to pledge allegiance

Israel to vote on non-Jews pledge of allegiance

IOC president invites Israelis, Palestinians for talks on travel restrictions for athletes

IOC president invites Israel, Palestine for talks

Israeli Cabinet to vote on charged legislation that requires pledge to Jewish state

Immigration bill vote could affect slowdown

AP sources: US, Palestinian and Israeli officials say impasse over housing might be broken

AP sources: All hopeful Mideast talks can go on

Israeli prime minister sounding out Cabinet ministers on possibility of new settlement curbs

Israeli premier weighing new settlement curbs

Prominent Iranian opposition lawyer goes on hunger strike to protest detention

Jailed Iranian opposition lawyer on hunger strike

Afghan war enters its 10th year with key players hedging their bets, uncertain over US plans

Uncertainty over US plans as war enters 10th year

Supreme Court justices debate whether free speech right covers protests at soldiers’ funerals

High court struggles with funeral protest case

Uganda’s president offers more troops for peacekeeping missions in Somalia if money given

Uganda offers more peacekeeping troops for Somalia

Aircraft cuts, Sudan war worries cloud UN Security Council mission

Aircraft cuts, Sudan worries cloud UN council trip

It’s go-for-broke time in Afghanistan on 9th anniversary of the war

It’s go-for-broke time on 9th anniversary of war

Yemen official says rocket hits near British embassy car, wounding diplomat and 3 bystanders

Yemen: Rocket attack targets British embassy car

Yemen official says mortar round targets British diplomatic motorcade, wounding 3 bystanders

Yemen: Mortar round lands near British motorcade

You’re invited to these embassy soirees and concerts in the nation’s capital

DC offers embassy evenings of musical diplomacy

Bill Clinton says Mideast peace deal would deprive terrorists of recruiting tool

Bill Clinton: Mideast peace would undercut terror

South Sudan official says important January independence vote will be on time

South Sudan official says vote will happen on time

Israeli Supreme Court upholds deportation order on pro-Palestinian Nobel laureate Maguire

Court upholds deportation of Nobel laureate

Sestak calls on Obama to assess war on al-Qaida as 9th anniversary of Afghan war approaches

Sestak calls on Obama to assess war on al-Qaida

Israeli Supreme Court upholds deportation order on Nobel laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire

Israel court upholds deportation of Nobel laureate

Egyptian journalists say government cracking down on media critical of authorities

Egypt’s journalists accuse government of crackdown

Journalists condemn shutdown of 2 popular Egyptian talk shows

Egypt’s journalists decry media crackdown

CAIRO — Egypt’s Journalists’ Union has accused the government of cracking down on the press after the closing of two popular talk shows ahead of parliamentary elections.

Israel Supreme Court justice rebukes Irish Nobel laureate for calling Israel ‘apartheid’ state

Israeli Supreme Court rebukes Irish Nobel laureate

Barred from entering Israel, detained Nobel laureate turns to country’s Supreme Court for help

Irish Nobel laureate challenges Israeli detention

Egypt, Jordan back Palestinian refusal to negotiate as long as Israel builds settlements

Egypt, Jordan back Palestinians on settlements

Turkish ship, scene of violence in flotilla raid, is setting for anti-Israel movie

Flotilla ship is setting for anti-Israel movie

Syria says any indirect peace talks with Israel must be mediated by Turkey

Syria wants Turkey to mediate talks with Israel

Israeli police kill Palestinian laborer who entered volatile east Jerusalem illegally

Israeli police kill Palestinian laborer

JERUSALEM — Israeli police have killed a Palestinian laborer who entered east Jerusalem illegally, igniting new tensions in the volatile sector of the city.

Senior Palestinians close ranks behind Abbas: No peace talks without Israeli settlement freeze

Palestinians back Abbas on settlement slowdown

Israeli PM urges Abbas to keep negotiating, after Palestinians link talks to settlement freeze

Netanyahu urges Abbas not to quit peace talks

Between stumbling peace efforts, then and now, an Israeli settlement in West Bank expands

Peace talks come and go, but a settlement grows

Senior Palestinian politicians back Abbas in linking peace talks to Israeli settlement curbs

Palestinians say no talks without settlement curbs

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