Rep. Gary Ackerman ‘got screwed’ by President Obama

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WASHINGTON ( — The good news is that the President secured a two year extension on the tax cuts for “middle-class” but the other side of the story reads that the high earners also gets access to the same benefits.

Rep. Gary Ackerman, a New York Democrat,was found to crack pathetic jokes about Obama’s doings, he said,

I disagree that we didn’t get anything — we got screwed..

Rep. Anthony Weiner, also a New York Democrat, remained loyal and positive towards their president saying,

I honor the president for wanting to try to solve these problems, and I’m not saying that you never compromise, This is Washington. That’s how laws get passed. But he and his team just don’t seem to be any good at it, and that’s a real problem for a lot of Democrats.

As the news spread their were mixed views and responses regarding the decision that Mr. Obama took.

Axelrod though seemed to lend Obama a supportive shoulder and called the proposal “a good deal,” According to him, there is the “need to focus on what’s good for the country, what’s good for the American people.” His views are that, in a situation where no bills would have been passed “taxes would go up, people would lose their unemployment insurance and the economy would suffer.”

He also added,

The most important thing we can do to get our deficit down is to have robust economic growth, Every economist who has looked at this said this would be a real shot for economic growth.

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