Carl Paladinos’ Victory Upsets Republicans in New York

By Mayuri, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NEW YORK ( — The millionaire businessman cum lawyer of Buffalo, Carl Paldino had a striking victory over Rick Lazio in New York’s Republican primary for governor. Paldino’s victory was not accepted in good terms in the GOP electorate as he created many controversies in the last few days. The wining candidate of the republican gubernational primary Carl Paldino has admitted forwarding racist and sexist emails that contained pornographic material and jokes about President Obama.

Carl Paldino had 64 percent of votes in his pocket compared to 36 percent for Lazio. He is going to face Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in the upcoming general election. Paldino’s victory can embarrass the GOP establishment and it could be an unexpected landslide.

Carl Paldino has reportedly accused of sending emails that include pornographic video and depicted President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as a pimp and prostitute. He also proposed to transform some prisons in New York into dormitories for the welfare of the prisoners. The recipients can work there in state-sponsored jobs. What a controversial statement from a republican?

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