Sonia Gandhi Features On Forbes List
BOSTON ( Congress President Sonia Gandhi has bagged the ninth spot in this year's Forbes list of the most powerful people all across the world.

BOSTON - The head of the Massachusetts Lottery says his staffers did not collude with an independent candidate for governor to run television and radio ads echoing themes from the candidate's campaign.

BOSTON - A hard-fought Massachusetts gubernatorial race has morphed into a courtroom thriller, complete with charges of espionage, conspiracy and subterfuge.

BOSTON - Massachusetts independent Timothy Cahill filed a lawsuit Thursday against former operatives who recently defected from his campaign, saying they conspired to get his running mate Paul Loscocco to quit the ticket, and were working with national Republicans to pass along confidential information that would undermine his candidacy for governor.

BOSTON - The state and federal governments may want to place time clocks outside Massachusetts political events in the run-up to Election Day, as staffers punch in and out of their tax-paid jobs on a daily and sometimes hourly basis to campaign for their bosses.
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