India-China relations has assumed global, strategic significance

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NEW DELHI - Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on Thursday said that relationship between India and China has transcended the bilateral dimension and has assumed global and strategic significance.

In an opening statement issued ahead of bilateral discussions at the Hyderabad House here, Dr. Singh said: ” our relationship has assumed global and strategic significance. The growing inter-dependence of nations provides both the opportunity and the obligation for India and China to cooperate together to meet the challenges facing the international community.”

Dr. Singh further said that rapid economic growth had opened new opportunities for long term partnership between India and China, and added that this would contribute to stability in Asia and the world.

“Since 2005 our countries have maintained an intensive high-level dialogue,” he added.

“Apart from my bilateral visit to China in 2008, I have met your Excellency and his Excellency Hu Jintao close to 20 times in the last five years. This shows the intensity of our interaction. Since you last visit to India in 2005 both our countries and international situation has witnessed many changes. Rapid socio-economic transformation in India,” he added.

“This is your second visit and I have no doubt that it will impart new impetus to our relationship and advance our cooperation in new areas. International sit has witnessed many changes , rapid socio economic transformation of India and china has opened up new opportunities for progress in our relations in all fields,” he said.

“As the Asian century unfolds, we must work together to bring peace, stability and development to our peoples, to the region and to the world at large. India stands ready to play its part in this important and noble enterprise,” he added.

Dr. Singh further said that India and China are young nations but ancient civilizations.

“Our history abounds in exchanges of scholars, monks, pilgrims, traders, craftspersons, travellers and ideas. These exchanges have enriched our societies. They have given strength and resilience to our relations in modern times,” he added. (ANI)

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