Hu Jintao

WASHINGTON - The US welcomes India's greater involvement in East Asia and is committed to working with New Delhi as it increases ties with US allies in Southeast Asia and Japan, a senior US official has said.

WASHINGTON - The US ambassador to China has submitted his resignation to the White House ahead of what political observers expect to be a run for president.

SHANGHAI - Chinese President Hu Jintao may have never thought that his state visit to the US, aimed at improving bilateral relations, would also require him to teach a lesson or two in the Chinese language to President Obama's beloved daughter Sasha.

WASHINGTON - The US has made clear that the absence of a reference to Beijing's role in South Asia in the latest US-China joint statement did not necessarily reflect a change in policy.

WASHINGTON - Chinese President Hu Jintao has sought to assuage concerns about his country's rising economic and military power but made clear status of Tibet and Taiwan was off limit as US legislators strongly conveyed their concerns over Beijing's trampling of human rights.
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