Sarah Palin Goes Overseas in 2011

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WASHINGTON ( — Sarah Palin who is seen mostly socializing with people for one cause or the other has already started her plannings for next year.

Sarah has planned an overseas tour coming year that will include visit to Israel and United Kingdom. She hasn’t yet decided upon the exact dates. Now, whether this tour marks her preparation for 2012 can’t be said but it is expected that any visit to England would likely include a meeting with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whom Palin called “one of my political heroines” in a Facebook post in June.

Whether this tour takes a political stand can be told by time and time only. For now, it seems Palin is keen on mending her foreign relations, to undo the Republican perception that she lacks foreign policy gravitas, because this might get her an upper hand in the 2012 White House bid.

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