Veteran industrialist calls on PM to tackle corruption, other major issues

Sunday, February 6, 2011

NEW DELHI/BANGALORE - In an open letter to the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Dr. Sitaram Jindal, Chairman and Managing Director of Jindal Aluminium Ltd., has appealed to him to end what he termed the “miserable quality of governance” that prevails in the country.

Hoping that the letter would once again ignite a patriotic feeling among bureaucrats and the political leadership, Jindal said: “You are aware, Sir, that country is burning all around with hundred and one problems”.

Stating that the people of the country continue to expect a lot from a Prime Minister with impeccable credentials of honesty and sincerity, Jindal said corruption, poverty and dealing with criminals as per the laws of the land, are the key issues that require immediate attention.

These were as follows:

Rampant corruption with increasing trend at all levels specially at the higher and highest level.

Not instituting Lokpal in Centre and all States by law with police force and full power to punish the guilty including PM. No provision for appeal.

Getting back black money lying overseas in billions of dollars.

Continuous generation of black money and tax evasion in a big way, thus depriving the weaker section and particularly the poor from their basic needs like potable water, sanitation, food, education, medical care etc.; whereas wealthy class is enjoying paradise and wasting.

Extravagance and vulgar display of wealth by affluent, political and well off classes.

Alleviation of poverty, which is a serious, menace continuously increasing. Government is not making it mandatory on industries to adopt 1 to 100 villages as per size and capacity and provide all basic amenities. There are 7 lakh villages where as there are more than 15 lakh profit making industries in the country.

Provide more power, authority, latest weapons/equipments and enough force to be given to Security Agencies to sort out crimes, terrorism by shooting at sight.

Fast trial of crimes, corruption cases, terrorism etc. Onus of proof be on the accused/criminal, corrupt, tax evaders etc. for not guilty.

To amend the Evidence Act, relevant laws and enactment of very stringent laws to cover these maladies.

Long pending Women Quota (1/3rd) Bill be passed forthwith.

Government should be liberal to appoint J.P.C. whenever 1/4th of members of Lok Sabha raise demand.

Government functioning should be more transparent in respect of bulk purchases including defence to avoid manipulation and kick back.

Expand CBI with more power and independence (should be totally independent from the Executive).

However, Intelligence Bureau and RAW are to keep watch over CBI for any mal-functioning, injustice, corruption etc.

Central Vigilance Commission’s functioning should be to screen all activities of CBI without any interference or directives but in case any malafide is detected the same should be passed on to I.B. or RAW or High Powered Board for further action.

Increase number of Judges of Supreme Court to 50 and in all High Courts by 10 to 25% so as to complete all long pending cases within 3 years and no case thereafter to remain lying beyond 3 years in future.

Rapid growth of population is a great barrier in progress and it is likely that the population bomb blast will be very serious in near future as the population of those living below poverty line has already reached 40 crores and it is increasing day by day. If population control cannot be imposed by law due to objection from Muslim community, there are many other ways to stop population growth through incentives, restrictions and bans.

The Government should constitute a High Power Board of top eminent and of high integrity members numbering eleven which will appoint or remove or take any action on the members, nominees, appointees of Lokpal, CAG, CBI, I.B., RAW, Election Commission, Supreme Court, High Courts and other Commissions and Agencies. Besides, the Board can directly hear any serious complaint of the highest level specially Ministers or people in top position. No appeal to Supreme Court on any decision by 60% majority of the Board. Below 60% majority may go for appeal to Supreme Court for hearing by a Bench of 5 senior Judges whose decision will be final and binding.

A number of clauses/provisions of the People’s Representation Act to be amended as per the present situation and demand of time since this Act was enacted decades back. Similarly, the entire Constitution needs to be reviewed and reframed as per the present condition in the country.

Strict law should be made and enforced to control adulteration in milk, medicine, eatable items.

Persons having pending criminal cases and proved guilty in past should not be allowed to contest for MLA or MP elections.

Honest and hard working government staff should be rewarded.

Inflation and unemployment are adding to misery of the people and the Govt is simply sleeping.

Article 311 of the Constitution needs to be amended as the Babus having been pampered and provided too much immunity are not discharging their duties as public servants, a term given by Mahatma Gandhi and enshrined in the Constitution. They are functioning and behaving as public masters.

“The countrymen expected a lot from you when you took over as Prime Minister, particularly in respect of alleviation of corruption, poverty, crimes/criminals, through strict discipline and bringing relevant laws as promised by you, but unfortunately you being too soft or loose proved to be a hoax and clinging to the chair like a slave ignoring the moral value of your high integrity, patriotism, honesty, economic competence but total failure in administration,” said Jindal.

“It was a great opportunity for you to resign and leave the post when the Supreme Court passed the verdict (in the 2G scam) against you (the government). That would have enhanced your image to the highest level and brought revolutionary change in the country,” he added.

Jindal charged the Prime Minister with becoming “ambitious” and also coming “under pressure”.

He said that the Prime Minister’s decision to continue to remain in office was “very unfortunate for you as well as for the country.”

“However, if you are willing to continue, kindly be bold as Sardarji and vigorously take up the following burning issues with perseverance,” Jindal said.

“If you can’t do anything, there is no sense in clinging and tarnishing your little left super image. I have been always your fan,” he added.

Jindal signed off by describing himself as “an ordinary industrialist and a humble philanthropist” doing various charitable and welfare activities for the poor.

He also reminded the Prime Minister that he had met him twice “long back.” (ANI)

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