We are worried about any change in Egypt: Shimon Peres

Saturday, February 5, 2011

JERUSALEM - Israeli President Shimon Peres Saturday expressed concern about the changes that the revolts in Egypt may bring to the Middle East.

“We are very worried about having any change in a government, or in the system of elections,” Peres said.

“If the Muslim Brotherhood are elected (in Egypt), they will not bring peace,” he added.

Peres made the remarks in a speech to 430 parliamentarians from 32 European countries in Jerusalem.

Since the beginning of the protests in Egypt 12 days ago, Israel has expressed its support to the government of President Hosni Mubarak and has warned that the banned Muslim Brotherhood could exploit free elections to establish a “fanatic, religious, oppressive regime”.

“A change of government is not a guarantee that the poverty will disappear”, Peres said emphasising the need to “change the situation (in Egypt) not the government”.

He stressed the “unprecedented” events in the Middle East, saying the new generation is surprising the world with a revolt against poverty and oppression. He called the international community to help the region to fight against poverty with the creation of an economic quartet representing the non-governmental sector.

“The economy of the land is crucial in the Middle East, I suggest to the international community: let’s save water, save land, boost technology, and to overcome poverty by modernity. I don’t see any other way,” he said.

Regarding peace negotiations with the Palestinians, frozen since the end of September when Israel restarted the construction of settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, Peres said “Israel is serious in finding a compromise” and supported a solution based in “two democratic scientific states” living side by side.

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