Rahul Gandhi assures Prime Minister would soon fix price rise problem

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CHENNAI - Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh would soon fix the problem of rise in prices.

“We are going to make sure prices are lowered. Leave it to the Prime Minister,” Gandhi told Congress Party workers here.

“The Prime Minister will fix the problem. You don’t worry about it. You worry about working at the panchayat level,” he added, while advising the party workers to work more at the panchayat level and be close to the people.

Rahul Gandhi in his address earlier asked the newly elected youth Congress members in Tamil Nadu to work ’slowly and systematically’ to revive the glories of the party and bring it a level, where it once belonged.

“If youth Congress members worked hard and ensured that the party, which has been out of power for nearly three decades, grew into a strong one, a day will come when one from this group can become the Chief Minister,” said Gandhi.

Meanwhile, the Government has brought down customs duty on imports of onion to zero from five per cent.

“Government has already taken a series of measures to contain the prices of the onions. The Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has asked states to bring down prices of onion. Dr Singh called for monitoring of prices on a day to day basis,” Finance Secretary Ashok Chawla told reporters in New Delhi.

Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar earlier on Monday said that prices of onions are likely to fall only after three weeks.

“Situation will be normal in two to three weeks. Onion prices rose because of rains in Nasik and other onion growing areas. Ban on onion exports should help reduce the prices,” Pawar told reporters. (ANI)

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