You have lots to hide, Sushma to PM

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NEW DELHI - Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sushma Swaraj Wednesday said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has lots to hide and that is why the government is so averse to a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) probe into alleged irregularities in the allocation of 2G spectrum.

The prime minister has said no JPC, Sonia Gandhi has said no JPC and I want to ask today: ‘Soniaji, why no JPC, Manmohan Singh why no JPC’, Swaraj, the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, said.

She was addressing an anti-government rally here to take the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance’s fight against corruption to Delhi’s streets.

Swaraj asked the prime minister why he was not ready to face a JPC, even as Manmohan Singh offered to appear before parliament’s Public Accounts Committee on the 2G spectrum allocation.

Mr. prime minister, if you are so averse to the JPC it means you have lots to hide, Swaraj said.

The anti-United Progressive Alliance (UPA) rally comes after the opposition parties stalled parliament for the entire Nov 9-Dec 13 winter session demanding a JPC probe into the wrongdoings in the allocating second generation telephony spectrum in 2008, an issue that forced DMK leader A.Raja to quit as communications minister.

The rally, targetting the Congress-led UPA on various corruption scams, kick-starts the NDA’s two-month long nationwide campaign against corruption.

Swaraj said the NDA would be holding 12 such rallies in the coming two months before the start of the crucial budget session of parliament in the last week of February 2011.

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