Clinton, rallying Ohio Democrats, says ‘game films’ show Dems best choice to improve economy

By Dan Sewell, AP
Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clinton in Ohio: Game films show Dems best choice

CINCINNATI — Former President Bill Clinton told supporters on Sunday evening that studying “game films” shows Democrats are best able to improve the economy.

Clinton played on football analogies in a speech to hundreds of people packing a Cincinnati auditorium on the first day of the NFL regular season. It was the first of two events Clinton headlined for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Lee Fisher.

Fisher has trailed Republican Rob Portman, a former congressman and White House budget chief, in polls and campaign funds in his bid to succeed Republican Sen. George Voinovich.

Clinton said just as football coaches rely on game films, voters can compare past performances and strategies to see which side’s plans are more likely to work.

“In 2008, we threw out a management team that had a 2-14 record in the last season,” Clinton said. “And now this team — of which Lee’s opponent was one of the leaders — is coming back and saying, ‘Look, we gave them 21 whole months to fix this mess we dug, and they have not won the Super Bowl, they’re only 8-8; so what you should do is hire a 2-14 team to get back in there.’”

But he said Democrats have to work to get voters out for them in an environment of anger and apathy and to make sure all those who turned out for Barack Obama in 2008 come out for the midterm elections.

“If this election is just about being angry, and you can’t shake people out of their apathy or get them to erase their amnesia, we’re in trouble,” Clinton said.

A Republican spokesman said Clinton’s speech is a reminder of failed Democratic policies.

“Former President Clinton’s stump speech will do nothing to help the sputtering economy and get folks back to work,” said Ryan Tronovitch, of the Republican National Committee, in a statement.

Clinton, who also led a fundraiser for Fisher on Sunday night, has become a favorite Democratic surrogate as his party tries to hang on to control of Congress. Clinton also is scheduled to be in Cleveland and Columbus on Tuesday for Gov. Ted Strickland, who’s battling for re-election against Republican former Rep. John Kasich.

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