Democrats need turnout in November, but GOP has enthusiasm that Democrats lack

Turnout is key, but will Democrats return to polls

Democrats face big challenge in exciting supporters, turning out vote in crucial House races

With House at stake, turnout is key for Democrats

Clinton, rallying Ohio Democrats, says ‘game films’ show Dems best choice to improve economy

US President Barack Obama

Bat Rose used for final hit auctioned for $158,776 _ less than expected

Rose’s bat auctioned for $158,776

CINCINNATI — The black Mizuno bat that Pete Rose used to get his final hit has been auctioned for $158,776, less than expected for the 32 ounces of baseball history.

Appeals court to hear arguments on whether to release 5 Michigan militia members until trial

Militia members seeking release to go before court

In Grant’s home state of Ohio, a push to replace him with Reagan on $50 bill lacks currency

Grant’s brigade fights push for Reagan on $50 bill

Ohio congressman being lobbied on health care vote outraged by ad showing his daughters

Ohio congressman outraged by ad showing daughters

Friday’s Bowl Preview Capsules

Bowl Preview Capsules

Line: Auburn by 8.

House subcommittee OKs bill aimed at forcing college football to set up new playoff system

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