Meg Whitman Denies Accusations Of Employing An Illegeal Immigrant Knowingly

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 30, 2010

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA (Gaea - Meg Whitman, who was accused of employing a former maid for nine long years despite knowing her illegal immigrant status, has denied the accusations. The accusations surfaced on Tuesday during a press conference held by her former maid Nicky Diaz and her lawyer Gloria Allred. Moreover, Nicky Diaz accused Meg Whitman of treating her in an abusive manner and expressed that she did not think it fit that any human should be treated in such a way. The accusations could not have come up at worse time for Meg Whitman had asked for a crackdown on employers and homeowners who have employed illegal immigrants twenty four hours earlier during her first debate with Jerry Brown, a democratic gubernatorial candidate.

Meg Whitman responded to the accusation by denying them completely and stated it to be a political stunt. She accused Gloria Allred of manipulating her former maid and even suggested that Jerry Brown and Gloria Allred might be in this together. She said that Nicky Diaz was employed through an employment agency and had provided false documents at that time that gave her legal status to work in the country. It was only last year when Meg Whitman had announced her intentions of running for the governor that the maid came out with her secret fearing that it would be discovered during the campaign.

Meg Whitman added that she was a good employee and was close to the family and she fired her on the day when her real identity became known. She said she was sorry that she had to make her leave as she had three children to look after.

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