Charles was called ‘pommie b*****d’ in Australia

Thursday, January 27, 2011

LONDON - Prince Charles, Britain’s heir to the throne, has said the floods in Australia brought back memories of the six months he spent there as a teenager, when he was called a “pommie b*****d” by the people.

Charles, 62, said he read about Australian people fighting off snakes, crocodiles and other dangers in the floods that swept over a huge region in the country.

“All the things I remember so well. Especially the ants,” the prince was quoted as saying by the Daily Express.

“I’ve had my fair share of being called a pommie b*****d, I can assure you. Look what it’s done to me - but by god, it was good for the character.

If you want to develop character, go to Australia,” he said.

The heir to the throne was the guest of honour with his wife Camilla at the Australian high commission in London Wednesday night.

Charles sent his condolences to the families of 35 people killed in floods in Queensland and to thousands of others affected by the waters now spreading south through Victoria.

“We are thinking so much of all those out there in Australia. These people are showing incredible courage and resilience in the face of all these disasters,” he said.

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