David Cameron backs ‘Queen Camilla’

Monday, November 22, 2010

LONDON - UK Prime Minister David Cameron has voiced his support for the Duchess of Cornwall to become Queen and admitted being a ‘big fan’ of Camilla.

He said that the public is warming to Prince Charles’s second wife, despite signs that voters would prefer the monarchy to miss a generation and pass directly from the Queen to Prince William.

“I think the country is getting to know her and getting to see that she is a very warm-hearted person with a big sense of humour and a big heart,” the Daily Mail quoted Cameron, as telling Sky News.

Polls have also suggested that the idea of Queen Camilla is less popular now than when she married into the Royal Family five years ago.

The issue has come to the limelight once again, after a U.S. television interview in which Prince Charles said publicly for the first that Camilla could become Queen.

However, the Prime Minister made clear “it’s too early to talk about these things” but acknowledged the need for public discussion and ultimately talks with the palace.

The official position has always been that if Charles is crowned King, Camilla would be styled Princess Consort and not Queen. (ANI)

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