Agra students quiz Rahul Gandhi on price rise

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AGRA - Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi Tuesday took questions on price rise and corruption from students with whom he interacted here. He also motivated them to join politics to reform the system.

Students asked general and routine questions. A few “politically incorrect” questions remained unanswered, said Desh Deepak Tiwari, a youth leader.

Questions relating to price rise and corruption did not elicit satisfactory answers, students later said.

Samajwadi Party activists tried to show him black flags at several road crossings, but were chased away by police.

The road from the Kheria airport to the Soor Sadan auditorium, where he answered the students’ questions, was sealed off and traffic movement suspended for more than two hours.

This caused a lot of resentment and anger. “It’s a poor PR (public relations) exercise,” said a harassed shoe trader Rajendra, who was held up near the Soor Sadan auditorium, for more than an hour.

Shabana Khandelwal, general secretary of the Women’s Congress, who met Gandhi at the airport told IANS: “Rahul’s visit has galvanised the youth and the party would definitely benefit from the entry of young leaders.”

Around 30 Congress leaders, including Firozabad MP Raj Babbar, were allowed to meet Gandhi at the airport.

Party workers and leaders were told to keep away from the auditorium where he addressed the students.

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