Rahul Gandhi faces protests in Allahabad

Monday, January 10, 2011

ALLAHABAD - Activists of the Samajwadi Party’s student wing Monday held protests against Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi as he arrived here to interact with students at an educational institute.

Raising slogans like “Go back Rahul” and “We don’t want Rahul here”, several members of the Samajwadi Chhatra Sabha waived black flags at Gandhi and even tried to stop his cavalcade in Dhoomanganj area. They attacked Gandhi for “not being serious towards restoration of students’ union elections in central universities in Uttar Pradesh”.

“It all happened when he (Gandhi) was on his way to the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology to interact with the students,” a local Congress party official told reporters.

“Special Protection Group (SPG) officials, who accompanied the Congress general secretary, were quick to act… They took control of the situation after which Rahul Gandhi proceeded towards his destination,” he added.

Just before Gandhi’s arrival, activists of SP also came to blows with Congress workers in front of the institute’s gate. Police resorted to mild force to disperse the members of the two outfits.

The clash between activists of the two political outfits erupted when SP workers refused to end their agitation against Gandhi’s visit to Allahabad, police said.

“He (Gandhi) is just not serious for restoration of students’ union polls… He had not made any efforts in this regard. So, he should not project himself as a youth leader,” said an activist of Samajwadi Chhatra Sabha.

According to police, around 40-50 youth were detained for creating trouble during Gandhi’s visit.

“To my knowledge, youth waived black flags and indulged in sloganeering as Rahul Gandhi arrived here and were not able to stop the cavalcade of the Congress general secretary,” DIG Allahabad Raj Kumar told IANS.

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