Christopher Lee’s Resignation Follows Strong Reaction
NEW YORK ( For Republican Christopher Lee the downfall from grace has proved to be all too sudden and unexpected.
Bill Clinton Makes George W. Bush look like a Liberal
MINNESOTA ( -- The Ex-President Bill Clinton as you may suppose shared his views on the former President George W.
Joe Barton In Dire Trouble
WASHINGTON ( The democrats in the USA were facing the heat from the GOP on the BP oil spill issue for weeks and even the President was trying to pacify the enraged politicians who want to know when the disaster can be controlled.
Democrats reject GOP effort to undo health bill
WASHINGTON - Democrats turned back a Republican attempt to undo House passage of historic legislation Sunday night that extends health care to millions of Americans.
Obama, Democrats on track for health care vote
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama and Democratic House leaders resolved a long-standing dispute over abortion Sunday, securing crucial support from a handful of lawmakers and setting the stage for a historic vote on a comprehensive health care overhaul.
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