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CARACAS, Venezuela - The Nobel Prize in literature brings a long-awaited accolade to Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa, and also a new platform for him to assail leftist leaders Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Fidel Castro of Cuba.

STOCKHOLM - As the secretive Nobel Prize committees huddle for their final deliberations to select the 2010 winners, the question looms large: Are the jurors preparing another Obama-style shocker? After the unusual ruckus caused by honoring Barack Obama less than nine months into his presidency, Nobel experts believe the peace prize committee will opt for a more low-profile choice.

CLEVELAND - Former President Jimmy Carter was spending a second night in an Ohio hospital on Wednesday, remaining under round-the-clock monitoring by a team of doctors after he became ill with stomach problems.

CLEVELAND - Former President Jimmy Carter is canceling scheduled book signing events in Washington as doctors continue their observations following Carter's overnight stay in Ohio for an upset stomach.

CLEVELAND - Former President Jimmy Carter remained in an Ohio hospital Wednesday after doctors recommended additional observation following an overnight stay for an upset stomach.
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