AMSTERDAM/BRUSSELS - Environmentalists and business groups Monday piled pressure on Group of 20 leaders ahead of their summit in Seoul - urging them to do more for the environment and avoid a trade war over rare minerals used in mobile phones and cars.
Geert Wilders Taken to Trial on Charges of his Anti-Islam Speech
AMSTERDAM ( -- Dutch MP Geert Wilders moved to the court today in Netherlands on charges of sparking hatred and discrimination against the Muslims.

AMSTERDAM - More than 100 people protesting the outlawing of squatting at unused buildings in the Netherlands clashed with police in Amsterdam's historic center late Friday, throwing stones, setting fires and erecting barricades.

AMSTERDAM - The scene has unfolded countless times in the Netherlands: Young people break into an unused building, move in a table, chair and bed, and then tell the police they are now the official residents - with no permission from the owner and no plans to pay rent.

AMSTERDAM - The leaders of Dutch right-wing parties say they've concluded an agreement for a minority government supported by the anti-Islam party of Geert Wilders.
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