US presses Egypt on transition

Saturday, February 5, 2011

WASHINGTON - The US continued to press Egypt on the need for an “orderly, peaceful transition” as President Barack Obama discussed the situation with other world leaders while Vice President Joe Biden telephoned his Egyptian counterpart Omar Suleiman.

Obama called German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of the UAE to discuss the political unrest in Egypt. The leaders agreed to continue discussing the situation.

In the phone calls, Obama discussed the “importance of an orderly, peaceful transition, beginning now, to a government that is responsive to the aspirations of the Egyptian people, including credible, inclusive negotiations between the government and the opposition”, the White House said.

Biden Saturday asked Suleiman “about progress in beginning credible, inclusive negotiations for Egypt’s transition to a democratic government to address the aspirations of the Egyptian people”, a White House statement said.

The vice president “stressed the need for a concrete reform agenda, a clear timeline, and immediate steps that demonstrate to the public and the opposition that the Egyptian government is committed to reform”.

On Friday, Obama had appealed to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to listen to his people and make “the right decision” about the best way forward for the country, but would not say whether Mubarak should resign before the end of his term in September.

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