Obama urges Mubarak to make ‘right decision’

Friday, February 4, 2011

WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama Friday appealed to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to listen to his people and make the “right decision” about the best way forward for the country.

Obama would not say whether Mubarak should resign before his September timeframe for leaving office, but made it clear that “going back to the old ways is not going to work”.

“The only thing that will work is moving (to) an orderly transition process that begins right now, that engages all the parties, that leads to democratic practices, fair and free elections, and representative government that is responsive to the grievances of the Egyptian people,” Obama said.

Mubarak “needs to consult with those who are around him in his government. He needs to listen to what’s being voiced by the Egyptian people, and make a judgment about a pathway forward that is orderly but that is meaningful and serious,” Obama said.

Now that Mubarak has made the “psychological break” to give up power after 30 years, the most important thing for Mubarak to consider is “how do we make that transition effective, and lasting, and legitimate?” Obama said.

“My hope is he will end up making the right decision,” Obama said.

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