BJP calls Goa governor’s speech unimaginative

Monday, January 31, 2011

PANAJI - Goa Governor S.S. Sidhus “unimaginative” and “boring” speech — and not the balmy, winter morning — almost lulled leader of opposition Manohar Parrikar to sleep in his seat in the state assembly, the senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Monday “confessed”.

Speaking to reporters at the assembly complex, minutes after Sidhus hour-long inaugural address, Parrikar said that he was sleepy, yawning and had to make attempts to stay awake.

I am not blaming the governor. I am blaming the government. They draft the speech for the governor. The speech was full of errors and had false statements, the BJP leader said, minutes after he escorted the governor back to his car, after the address.

The winter session of the state legislative assembly kicks off with an inaugural address of the governor, which is supposed to set the course of government and its policies for the rest of the year.

The ruling benches then move a motion of thanks to the address of the governor, which is then ritually criticised by the opposition and debated.

Sidhu in his speech lasting for nearly one hour spoke about the various feats of the Congress-led government in the state, which the leader of opposition said was merely a repetition of last year’s speech, barring a few changes.

According to Parrikar, Sidhus speech was also bereft of ideas and was merely a collation of statistics compiled by the various departments of the government.

There is no direction in the speech and it lacks a sense of purpose, Parrikar said.

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