Kate is the sister Prince Harry always wanted

Saturday, December 18, 2010

LONDON - Prince Harry is “enormously pleased” with the engagement of his brother Prince William to Kate Middleton, and says she is like a sister he always wanted.

The younger British prince said this ahead of a visit to Germany where, on a live TV show titled “Ein Herz fur Kinder” (A Heart for Children), he will be presented a Golden Heart for his charity work.

“I have known Kate for years and it’s great that she is now becoming part of the family. I am enormously pleased. I always wished for a sister and now I have one,” The Sun quoted the 26-year-old Harry as saying.

He spoke about the influence his mother Diana, and father, Prince Charles, have had on his charity work.

“I hope that my mother would be proud of me. I always think of my mother in everything I do,” he said.

“It is correct that my brother and I often ask ourselves what our mother would have done in this situation. That helps us again and again. But I also learned enormously from my father, who has been engaged with numerous charities for decades.”

“My mother was to me, like my brother, a role model. And also to many people worldwide. I believe that people took to her so warmly because she possessed the ability to take away their embarrassment in whatever situation she met them in,” he added.

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