North South divide in Kanglish

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NEW DELHI - An upma, filter coffee tiffin break with Kannadigas visiting Delhi from Karnataka is something I wouldn’t miss for anything in the world. With disarming alacrity, they gossip about politics. Kannadiga -1 and Kannadiga - 2 are not from the Bharatiya Janata Party but are BJP supporters from Karnataka. After asking me all about Delhi politics, we get talking about Karnataka politics, in English, of sorts.

K-1 - See ma, (my name is not seema, it translates into - look dear) this yis a narth-south divide wonly. These narth politicians cannot digest fact that south is praaspering. All the time yinterfering.

Otherwise tell to me, what heeeinous crime poor Yeddyurappa has committed huh?

K-2 - That wonly I am saying. Whether Raja or Jaganmohan or Yeddyurappa, why picking wonly South Indian paaliticians? Where there is money littil littil pilferage will be happening

Me- Illa Alla….(I try interjecting in Kannada- but, but)

K-2 - No, don’t defund. What you are trying to tell? This cow-belt leaders Mayawati, Laloo and all are not making money, or wot? Mushti over mushti (that is Kannada for hand over fist) they are making.

K-1 - Correct reading saar. See with Jagan they are saying yit it unfair dynasty card. I yam asking whaat happens when yit was Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and now Rahul Gandhi? That is not being dynasty or what? Simply for troubling now.

Me- Can we get back to Yeddyurappa please. (gulping some filter coffee meanwhile)

K-2 - See ma, he has mandate, nobuddy can say wokay, go and sit at home. Why for he will go? He won the yelection no? Did Ananth Kumar win it for the BJP? All the time sitting in Delly yis not wokay you know

K-1 - No no, that is littil unkind I say. Ananth Kumar worked verrry hard. But what to do. He is Brahmin, no. (this is whispered, as if it is an abuse) If Yeddyurappa saar is to go, then, wonly Vokkaliga or Lingayat has to come. And then now, timing is being bad for Ananth Kumar. (looks sheepishly at me) you are ladies no, so I am being hesitate in telling. That Radia person, once upon a time casting net on Ananth Sir.

Me - But that was long ago. She had no influence then.

K-1 - Correct ma. That is just what I’m saying no. Timing is yeverything in politics no? Simply simply foto-voto will come from somewhere and all, showing Ananth Sir standing in some party varty with her.

See like that photo of Prime Minister Vajpayee with Radia lady. In that photo is Pejawar Swamyjee.

But who is seeing that no? People will talk-e-talk. (Pause) Also don’t forget Yeddyurappa sir is very holy man. So many many temples he is going for blessing seeking. All that is helping so much. Nobody is remembering now, that one lady person is also casting net on him some while back.

K-2 - And tell me all taap peepul in BJP divided on yevery issue or not? You are seeing for yourself.. Jaitley saar, Sushmamma, Venkaiah saar. Nobuddy can say they are seeing issue on merit. If Yeddyurappa saar is corrupt, then court has to say that or no? Why for resign?

Me - You remember how Mr. Advani quit on the Hawala issue? He didn’t wait for any court. It’s a matter of perception. That is what makes the BJP different. No?

K-1- And what good it did to Advani Saar, tell to me? He didn’t become Prime Minister. Yes or No?

He vacated position for Vajpayee Saar. History will remember who? Wonly Prime Minister no? Abdication and abdicator, why for anybody will remember? Always and always, it will be regret for Advani Saar, I am telling you ma.

K-2 - Yes Yes correct saar. Never Advani Saar should have given up for Vajpayee Saar. At least Ayodhya temple would have been made and Kaashmeer would have been solved.

Me - Oh? Please explain. You think Mr. Advani regrets his past decision and how could Mr. Advani have solved the temple and Kashmir issues?

K-1 - Ayyo no ma, we are not knowing what Advani Saar is thinking. Nobody is knowing. One minute he is saying Sardar Patel, next minute he is saying Jinnah. Yes, Ayodhya temple, I think he would have made. At least then, he would have some other temple to go to no? Always always going to Somnath.

Promising promising to make temple in naarth, not doing. Kaashmeer also he would have tuffly done something. All this Geelani, Roy and all, straight away in jail he would put them. That only they deserve. Cheh! Shame I tell you.

Me - But would Mr. Vajpayee have asked Mr.Yeddyurappa to quit? After all Mr. Vajpayee is a man of principles.

K-1 - (smirking) Shall I tell you ma what he would have said? (I nod) He would have said, Yeddyurappa should follow Rajdharma. Finish

Both K-1 and K-2 burst in laughter and I drink some more coffee. By Smita Prakash (ANI)

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