Parliament budget figures for financial year 2010-11 (To go with main parliament protest story)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NEW DELHI - The following are the official figures of the budget outlay of Indian parliament for the current financial year.

The budget (figures available on for the current financial year the Lok Sabha has listed:

* Rs.67 lakh for speaker and deputy speaker

* Rs.93 lakh for leader of opposition and his/her secretariat

* Rs.171 crore for 545 members

* Rs.175 crore for Lok Sabha secretariat

* Rs.29 lakh for secretariat of chief whips of different political parties

* Rs.87 lakh for other expenditure

The provision for speaker, deputy speaker and leader of opposition is for their salaries and allowances. For MPs, the figure includes their salaries, allowances and expenses on account of facilities, their visits abroad and foreign parliamentary delegations visiting India.

The provision for the Lok Sabha secretariat includes salaries of the staff and officers, establishment related needs, subsidy for canteen and expenditure towards the Lok Sabha TV channel.

Similarly, the budget for the Rajya Sabha includes:

* Rs.72 lakh for chairman and deputy chairman

* Rs.88 lakh for leader of opposition and his/her secretariat

* Rs.75 crore for 250 members

* Rs.96 crore for the secretariat

* Rs.17 lakh for chief whips of parties

* Rs.61 lakh for other expenditure

This apart, the ministry of parliamentary affairs that is responsible for the functioning of the institution has a separate budget of nearly Rs.8.5 crore.

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