2G scam: Prime Minister should stop acting helpless, says Swamy

Thursday, November 18, 2010

NEW DELHI - Janata Party President Subramaniam Swamy, who has filed a petition seeking sanction to prosecute former Telecom minister A Raja in the 2G spectrum scam case, on Thursday said Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh should stop acting helpless and soon take stringent actions against those responsible for the scam.

Swamy compared Dr Manmohan Singh to Abhimanyu, a character in Hindu epic - Mahabharata, who has been trapped from all directions.

“Just like Abhimanyu (a character in Mahabharata - Hindu epic) was trapped in Chakravyuh (conspiracy), similarly some power is trying to trap Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The Prime Minister should understand and he should not act like Bhischarya (Bhishmpitamah, a character in Hindu epic, Mahabharata) and watch the outrage of Draupadi’s modesty (wife of the Pandavas) saying that I am helpless,” Swamy told reporters here today.

“This is not the time to act helpless he should take some immediate actions like the illegal licenses should be cancelled and asks the United States of America, to give out the details of all the bank transfers,” he added

Subramanian Swamy further said that this is the biggest scam of its kind that the world has seen and corporates and members of all political parties have reaped benefits from the scam.

“All the lobbyists and corporate and politicians, which political party is there which has not benefited from this scam? Can anybody say? They should come and say before me that they are innocent and I will tell them the truth,” he said.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rajiv Shukla defended the Government by slamming the Opposition for not cooperating and creating chaos in the parliament.

“When a complaint against one Chief Minister came then we accepted his resignation, another minister was observed before the Supreme Court then also his resignation was accepted. So the government is not showing any negligence in taking action,” SAID Shukla.

“Yes, their (Bharatiya Janata Party) Chief Minister of Karnataka is illegally acquiring large swathes of land, mine mafia is digging out the entire state and no action is being taken against them. We are saying that there is no corruption in our side as we are swiftly talking actions, it is you (BJP) who have their eyes closed,” he added.

Earlier today, the apex court asked for an affidavit to be filed by Saturday on behalf of the Prime Minister, which explains why he took close to a year to respond to a request for the prosecution of A Raja over 2G scam.

Delivering the order, the court said: “It’s an extremely serious matter, we must know what has been kept back.”

The apex court has asked for the details of communication between the PMO and Janata Party President and former Law Minister Subramaniam Swamy, who had sought sanction for the prosecution of Raja.

In response to the apex court’s order, Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium said: “We are ready to submit all documents, all letters of Swamy have been dealt with.”

The apex court had earlier on Tuesday asked the Government to explain why the Prime Minister took eleven months in taking a decision on a plea for sanction of prosecution of the former Telecom Minister in the controversial 2G spectrum allocation issue.

Raja was forced to resign on Sunday night under considerable pressure from the Congress, which has been attacked in Parliament by a united Opposition on corruption charges. (ANI)

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