Talks with Pak not possible as long as it supports terror induced coercion: Manmohan Singh

Monday, November 8, 2010

NEW DELHI - The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, on Monday ruled out a resumption of bilateral talks or a dialogue at a leadership level with Pakistan until Islamabad dismantled the terror infrastructure operating from its soil.

Dr. Singh reiterated that India is committed to resolving all the problems with Pakistan, provided the latter ensures that it moves away from terror-induced coercion.

“India is committed to resolving all problems with Pakistan but simultaneously Pakistan should ensure that it moves away from terror-induced coercion. We will be happy to engage productively,” the Prime Minister said at a joint press conference held at Hyderabad House here.

“We are not afraid of talks with Pakistan. You cannot be talking at the same time and simultaneously the terror machine is active as ever before. I have always maintained that a strong peaceful, moderate Pakistan is in the interest of India,” Dr. Singh added.

“We are not afraid of the K-word,” Dr. Singh said.

President Obama said the United States would not mediate on the Kashmir issue that has dominated ties between India and Pakistan.

“Dialogue between India and Pakistan may not begin on the particular flashpoint (Kashmir),” said Obama adding, “I believe that it is in the interest of India and Pakistan to reduce tensions between themselves and the US cannot impose solutions to these problems.”

In what would please Delhi, Obama said “there can be no safe haven for terror.” (ANI)

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