‘Floods won’t distract Pak from campaign against terror’: Gilani

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ISLAMABAD - The flood calamity will not distract the Pakistan government from pursuing its “campaign against terrorism and extremism”, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has stated.

“I would like to emphatically state that the flood calamity will not distract us from pursuing the campaign against terrorism and extremists. Our brave armed forces and security agencies, with full support of the nation, will succeed in eliminating terrorism from our sacred soil,” the Daily Times quoted Gilani, as saying, while assuring the diplomatic corps at a dinner hosted by him in their honour.

He also thanked the diplomatic community for their demonstration of solidarity and support for Pakistan following the devastation caused by the unprecedented floods in the country, and asked them to convey to their respective governments and people Pakistan’s heartfelt gratitude for their messages of sympathy and concern, as well as tangible demonstration of humanity.

No country could have faced the effects of a calamity of this magnitude alone, Gilani pointed out, adding that while the floodwaters had caused immense destruction across a vast area, 20 million people had been directly hit and more than eight million rendered shelter-less.

“The floods have left a tale of death and destruction but not dented the spirit of our nation,” he added.

He stated that the timing and the magnitude of the floods had tested the nation’s resolve and resources as “we are already over-stretched in fighting the menace of terrorism” and battling to restore the economy of the country in the aftermath of the global recession.

Gilani noted that the government had established a robust and comprehensive disaster management system in the country, adding that he was personally overseeing all disaster management activities.

He also informed the diplomats about the National Oversight Disaster Management Council, which had been established with a broad mandate to ensure that the required resources for reconstruction and rehabilitation would be provided efficiently, effectively and equitably.

“This council has been set up under the auspices of the Council of Common Interests in which all stakeholders, including the provinces, are represented,” he added. (ANI)

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