Buddhadeb slams Trinamool Congress over nexus with Maoists

Monday, October 11, 2010

BURDWAN - West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has slammed the Trinamool Congress for creating unrest in the state and having a nexus with Maoists.

Addressing a rally here on Sunday, Bhattacharjee said: “Trinamool Congress is creating problems everywhere. They only believe in violence and unrest. They are having nexus with the Maoists and creating problems in the districts of Purulia, Bankura and West Midnapore.”

“But the people have stand up against this and we will defeat them,” he added.

He also alleged the Trinamool Congress for creating obstacles in the path of the state’s development.

“Trinamool Congress is trying to create obstacles in the development work of the state. Wherever the state government is trying to take up a development work, they are creating obstacles. We will not tolerate this,” he said.

Giving the example of Singur, Bhattacharjee said if the Nano factory had taken shape there, it would have opened the floodgates of new industry in the district.

He also referred to Katwa in Burdwan district where construction of a power plant had been consistently opposed by the Trinamool Congress.

He also said his government was not getting funds from the Centre for the development of the state.

Bhattacharjee said he had held meetings with the Central government many times on the requirement of funds, but there was no result.

“I have even told Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that inflation has increased and therefore the state needs funds. But nothing has happened yet,” Bhattacharjee told a rally at Andal in Burdwan district.

Earlier, he said: “The state is due a sum of rupees 1700 crore whereas the Central government had been releasing pittance amount of just 100 or 150 crore.

He contended that the West Bengal government was not begging for any favour from the Central Government but seeking it’s due entitled amount. (ANI)

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