Labour will challenge old thinking in Britain: Miliband

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LONDON - Ed Miliband, new leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Tuesday pledged to introduce “different ways of doing politics” as a new generation took command of the main opposition party.

Miliband, 40, was elected leader in a closely-fought contest with his brother, David, the former foreign secretary, Saturday.

“The new generation of Labour is different,” said Miliband. It was ready to “challenge old thinking” on the economy, society and government.

“We must reject the old ways of doing politics,” he said. “We are the optimists. And together we will change this country.”

Miliband, who won strong trade union support in the leadership election, said it was important for Labour to “hold the centre ground” in British politics.

He told the trade unions that he would “not support a wave of irresponsible strikes” which are planned against spending cuts later this year.

Miliband, the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants, traced his commitment to politics to the personal history of his parents, who came to England in 1940.

“My love for this country comes from their story. In Britain, they found the light of liberty,” said Miliband.

He acknowledged that Labour, after their “very bad” election defeat, would face a “long journey” back to power.

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