It’s 2 cheesesteaks to go for Obama during quick Philadelphia stop for Senate hopeful Sestak

By Julie Pace, AP
Monday, September 20, 2010

In Philly, it’s 2 cheesesteaks to go for Obama

PHILADELPHIA — President Barack Obama seems to be learning from other people’s mistakes.

In Philadelphia for campaign appearances Monday with Senate candidate Joe Sestak, Obama made an unannounced stop at the popular Reading Terminal Market and ordered two cheesesteaks — with the usual Cheez Whiz topping.

He also ordered a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone on the way out.

Obama lately has been trying to convince people unhappy with the economy that he knows what they’re going through.

During the 2004 presidential campaign, Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts ordered a Philly cheesesteak with Swiss cheese. Critics used that to portray the wealthy Kerry as out of touch. He lost the election to Republican George W. Bush.

In an overture to his health-conscious wife, first lady Michelle Obama, the president also picked up four apples from a fruit stand. But Obama, who doesn’t do much grocery shopping these days, only gave the vendor $1.

Fortunately, Obama aide Reggie Love was nearby to cover the additional costs.

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