Daniel Hernandez: Barack Obama’s Hero
TUCSON (GaeaTimes.com)- What could be the first reaction, when all of a sudden a mass shooting occurs? Well, it did not take time for Daniel Hernandez to think and then react.
Tucson Shooting Victims Visited By President Barack Obama
TUCSON (GaeaTimes.com)- President Barack Obama visited the Tucson shooting victims on Wednesday along with First Lady Michelle Obama.

LOS ANGELES/TUCSON - US President Barack Obama led a memorial service Wednesday night for six people killed in the shooting of US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, calling for greater civility in public discourse to honour the victims of the attack.

NOGALES, Ariz. - Government officials on Friday showed off a site where National Guard members have been deployed near the Mexican border, despite criticism that the troops will do nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan kept a vital border crossing closed to U.S.
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