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SEOUL - South Korean Defence Minister Kim Tae Young resigned Thursday, accepting responsibility for the country's criticized response to North Korea's bombardment of one of its islands, news reports said.

NEW YORK - Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin did it again.

SEOUL, South Korea - North Korean leader Kim Jong Il marked the "Day of the Sun" - the anniversary of his late father's birth 98 years ago Thursday - by promoting 100 loyal generals while Pyongyang residents watched a "kaleidoscope" of fireworks, state media said.

4:36 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody. We have just concluded an enormously productive day. I said this morning that today would be an opportunity for our nations, both individually and collectively, to make concrete commitments and take tangible steps to secure nuclear materials so they never fall into the hands of terrorists who would surely use them. This evening, I can report that we have seized this opportunity, and because of the steps we’ve taken -- as individual nations and as an international community -- the American people will be safer and the world will be more secure.
Obama: China joining UN talks on Iran sanctions
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama, wrapping up a 47-nation nuclear security summit, said Tuesday he is confident China will join other nations in pressing for tough new sanctions on Iran for continuing to defy the international community in seeking nuclear weapons.
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