French Strike Reaches A Crescendo
PARIS, FRANCE ( The French Strike is now threatening to affect the economy and public life as the defiant president Nicolas Sarkozy refuses to bow down to the demand of the protesters.
French Strike Intensifies As More Workers Join
PARIS, FRANCE ( The French Strike is intensifying with each passing day and threatening to cripple the public life in the country as the cold war between the government and striking employees go on unabated.

GENEVA - He's one of the titans of 20th Century architecture, but Le Corbusier is suddenly feeling the weight of history working against him.

BARBULESTI, Romania - This predominantly Gypsy town an hour's drive from Romania's bustling capital seems stuck in another century.

PARIS - Does France have second-class citizens? A new bill introduced Tuesday in parliament aimed at toughening immigration rules would strip naturalized citizens of their nationality if they threaten the lives of police.
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