Political Refugees

SYDNEY - A group of asylum seekers protested on the roof of an Australian detention center where they were being held Tuesday, saying they were scared of being returned to their home countries and upset over the death of a fellow detainee who was about to be deported.

DADAAB, Kenya - Terrified Somalis fleeing an offensive by Islamist insurgents in their capital described a hellish scene of putrefying corpses, graves hastily dug in gardens and neighborhoods flattened by mortars.

KAKUMA, Kenya - Fighting in the Somali capital has killed more than 230 people in the past two weeks and fleeing civilians are so desperate they are giving away their last possessions for seats on a bus out of the city, U.N.
Israeli PM stakes out positions for peace talks
JERUSALEM - Israel's prime minister demanded Sunday that any future Palestinian state be demilitarized and recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland, as he staked out his starting position for new Mideast peace talks.
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