See winds of change, Krishna to rattled Arab leaders

By Prashant Sood, IANS
Sunday, February 27, 2011

KUWAIT CITY - Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna Sunday said he had asked the Arab leaders to see the “winds of change” and make efforts to reach a meeting point between aspirations of people and the stability in the region.

Krishna met Arab leaders informally at a military parade Saturday to mark the 20th anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation.

“I did generally talk to some of the leaders. All of them have expressed great concern over developments in the Arab region. I, in my subtle manner, conveyed to them that it is necessary for Arab group of nations and their leaders to see the winds of change blowing and they should make necessary adjustment to rising aspiration of people,” Krishna told reporters on the way back home after attending the 50th anniversary celebrations of Kuwait’s independence.

Krishna was in Kuwait on a two-day visit.

“I wish them well in their attempt, so that there is a meeting point between aspirations of people and stability of these nations,” Krishna said.

Asked about the role India could play, he said it will not be appropriate for the country to “jump into the fray unless invited.” He said India’s role would depend on the what countries of the region wanted it to do.

India has said that as a democracy, it supports the “dawn of democracy” everywhere.

Several Arab countries including Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Algeria, Yemen and Tunisia have seen protests by people against the ruling regimes. The wave of protests has already led to regime change in Tunisia and Egypt.

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