US ordered massacre of the region’s people, says Iran

Sunday, February 20, 2011

TEHRAN - The speaker of Iran’s parliament, the Majlis, has said “massacre” of the people in Libya and Bahrain were taking place on the orders of the US.

Ali Larijani, addressing the Majlis’ open session Sunday, said US officials should be made to pay for their crimes against Muslims.

The Islamic Ummah (community) believes the US ordered such “criminal games”, Larijani was quoted as saying by IRNA news agency.

“Despite claiming to be an advocate of democracy, the US has, hypocritically, ordered regional autocratic regimes to adopt tough manners against their people,” he said.

He asked regional governments not to get involved in the US’ “political confusion” and not to pay the price for protecting US military bases in the region.

“It seems that the US acts against its words on advocating democracy and orders leaders of the countries to treat harshly their people,” he was quoted as saying by ISNA news agency.

He also suggested the governments to learn from their counterparts in Tunisia and Egypt and “side with their own people”.

“They should learn lesson from fate of revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and follow their own people,” he said.

The speaker warned the US that it might have to pay the cost of the “barbarous treatment”.

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