Pak Govt “caught between devil and deep sea” on Davis’ detention issue: Gilani

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Government is “just caught between the devil and the deep sea” on double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis’ detention issue, Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has candidly admitted.

“We are facing difficult decisions. There is a political price. If we take it then the people do not support and if we don’t do it the world does not support,” The Nation quoted Gilani, as saying.

“We are just caught between the devil and the deep sea. This needs wisdom. We will do whatever is in the interest of the country and the nation,” he added.

Speaking at the National Seerat Conference, Gilani said that the Davis issue was before the court, where evidence would have to be presented, and then the court would take any decision in the matter.The government has never asked the Foreign Ministry to write any summary on the issue and the Foreign Secretary has spelled out the government position, and it is now for courts to interpret these things,” the Prime Minister told Ulema and Mashaikh, who gathered at the conference from across the country.

“Had the government bowed before any pressure the US President Obama would have no need to come on television asking for Davis’ immunity,” he emphasised. (ANI)

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